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Thanks for visiting the Enrich Your Child website!

Enrich Your Child is a dynamic personal/life coaching opportunity for children and young adults of all ages.

Young people uncover their strengths, build self-confidence, learn how to be optimistic, and develop an action plan to take on new challenges or overcome stressors that may be present in their academic, social, or family environments.

The goal of life coaching is to assist the child in moving him or herself forward by using individual strengths in everyday situations.  Children and young adults gain the tools to create a fulfilled life from a young age.

Life Coaching for Children also requires support from their parent(s) who live with them and other adults who provide care and guidance.

I also offer coaching to adults to intertwine their strengths into parenting, their social lives, or in their workplace. 

The arm of my practice to assist adults in utilizing their strengths in all facets of their lives is called Enrich Yourself. To get started please visit that area of the website and Enrich Yourself Today !

Or you can simply call me at 203.536.5496  or Email Susan to Enrich Yourself !